Pet Rat Tips - Part 1

Pet Rat Tips - Day 1 - How to Care For Rats!

Caring for pet rats can be easy and fun...if you know the right way to do it.

For instance, have you seen other people's pet rats either in person or in movies that climb all over them and perform tricks on command?

Believe it or not, your pet rat can be just as healthy, lively, and well-trained if you give him the proper food, environment and 
attention. See, pet dumbo rats are not only cute, but
they're highly intelligent and sensitive creatures as well.

I'm sure that most of you know the value of proper nutrition but did you know that a big contributing factor to your rat's overall health is proper nurturing and emotional care?

Pet Rat Tips - Day 2

Like other animals, rats have their own unique “language” that people need to interpret.

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to take extra time and effort to understand common pet rat behaviors and 
pet rat personalities in order to build a better and more meaningful relationship.

Here are some of the common behaviors you may have observed among your rats and what they REALLY mean:

  • Chattering / Teeth Grinding: Commonly referred
    to as "bruxing", this is a sign of a happy, calm rat.
  • Bar Chewing: This can be a sign of nervousness 
    or boredom. Giving your pet rat a companion
    or some toys to play with often solves the
  • Urinating: This is a sign that your rat is
    afraid or nervous. With more handling time and
    care, your pet will eventually start to trust you 
    more and will become more relaxed.

By following the above guidelines, you'll be taking the first steps toward becoming more aware of your pet rat's emotional needs in order to keep him happy and playful.


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Pet Rat Tips - Day 3

Today, I'm going to cover a few important considerations for ensuring your pet rat's safety around your home.

Yes, I'm talking about rat-proofing your house!

Perhaps the best guiding principle in rat-proofing is to


Ask questions like:

“If I were him/her, where would I go?" 
"What would I chew on?" 
"Where could I get hurt?”

Here are some essential tips:

  • Remove anything harmful that can be ingested.
  • Hide / protect / put away all wires.
  • Cover or plug up all holes, gaps, openings where they can get lost and would be hard to reach.
  • Cover the toilet.
  • Do not leave loose things unattended that may be chewed or urinated on.
  • Last but not least, you may want to train your rats. Training your rats could save you the job of having to heavily rat-proof your house.

In the next lesson, I'm going to talk about some of the
best ways to train your rat to behave in your home.

More tips coming soon!!


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